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It used to be that you had to go to a very liberal university or an art school to find a decent music production program. Now it seems that they are popping up everywhere. No surprise due to the fact that the average American spends more time and money on entertainment than they do on food and shelter combined.

Choosing a music production school: So, the question for prospective students is not where can I find good music production schools. It is who is going to provide an education that the industry will take seriously. The entertainment industry has always been fickle. That hasn’t changed.The old school saying “it’s not what you know, but who you know” has been proven in the entertainment industry more than any other. So, if you take that as a rule, the reputation of the music production school will play an enormous factor in your marketability.

A lot of music production schools offer basic audio production programs. Community colleges have even jumped on the bandwagon. Does this mean that they are all going to get you a job? Sure. There is no doubt that you can get into the field with minimal training at a music production school without any reputation or accreditation from the industry. Are they jobs worth taking? Probably not. Most people that yearn for a career in audio are not going to be satisfied with a career as a sound tech or a live mixer at the local venue that changes names and owners as often as kegs of beer. Some people are. If you dream of a career working with estabished artists, studios, or production houses you need to plan carefully.

The following music production schools have been around for a while and are recognized in the audio production community for providing a solid audio foundation using the latest gear available. Check out their sites and see what they have to offer you.

Music Production Schools Recording Connection places students in real music recording studios. Each student is assigned to one recording professional in a real recording studio. The student learns recording from a music producer or recording engineer who is working in the recording business.

Full Sail Real World Education’s degrees for creative minds include Computer Animation, Digital Media, Entertainment Business, Film, Game Design & Development, Recording Arts and Show Production & Touring. Regardless of which program at our school you choose, one of Full Sail’s fundamental goals is to encourage the union of art and technology.

Founded in 1945, Berklee College of Music is the world’s largest independent music college and the premier institution for the study of contemporary music. The college’s 3,800 students and 460 faculty members interact in an environment designed to provide the most complete learning experience possible, including all of the opportunities and challenges presented by a career in the contemporary music industry.

Conservatory of Recording Arts and Sciences. Whether it’s studio recording, concert sound, movie sound, radio or television broadcasting, or working with a record label or artist management, it’s all about music! If you want to work as a recording engineer, a live sound mixer, record producer, or any other audio career, you will never be satisfied with anything else.

Pyramind is a media and music production school offering hands on training in today’s recording studio environment. Driven by a philosophy of creativity meeting technology, students get hands on training interacting with industry professionals in both the recording studio and classroom. Through Pyramind’s Digital Producer Certificate Program students learn the most up to date software and hardware skills and techniques for both media and music production.

IAR is a music production school now in its fourth decade. We’ve seen all kinds of fads, gadgets and recording technologies come and go. What remains the same is our time-tested vision: a complete education in audio engineering and music production, combining a broad background with hands-on experience. We prepare students for the music business with teachers that are in the business.

Vancouver Film School. Sound professionals need to be equipped to handle audio-engineering for all manner of visual media. To meet this need, our students learn Pro Tools software, the world’s most widely used sound design platform. VFS is the only school in Canada authorized to give Operator-Level certification in Digidesign music and post-production systems.

Careers in Metaphysics

What careers in metaphysics are available today? Despite which professional path you decide to take, you will gain personal and spiritual growth through any one of a number of metaphysical schools that offer an assortment of in-depth, academic courses.

Some of the many exciting careers in metaphysics which trained individuals can pursue include metaphysical healing arts practitioner, educator in metaphysics, parapsychologist, esoteric researcher, spiritual counselor, philosopher, theologian, or holistic minister.

The finer aspect of careers in metaphysics is that once you’ve completed your education and training, you can begin to counsel and help in healing individuals who are seeking mental, emotional and spiritual stability and wellness.

Other holistic therapies that are sometimes offered by metaphysical practitioners are mind-body-spirit medicines like aromatherapy, Reiki, energy healing, herbal medicine, and guided imagery. However, these careers in metaphysics do require additional or supplementary training and education.

Those who are interested in paranormal studies find that careers in metaphysics like parapsychology offer individuals the education and training to comprehend unexplained phenomena. Various aspects of parapsychology entail the study and research of ESP (extrasensory perception), occult and the supernatural, psychic phenomena, intuition, mediumship, and spiritual awareness, among other related topics.

If you (or someone you know) are interested in learning more about these or other metaphysical occupations, let professional training within fast-growing industries like massage therapy, naturopathy, acupuncture, Chinese medicine, Reiki, and others get you started! Explore careers in metaphysics [] near you.

Careers in Metaphysics
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Careers for Cancer the Crab

Cancer the crab definitely brings his cautious nature into his career and business arrangements. He is one to think things through before making a decision and tends to be quite reserved with money. He is practical and will not blow large amounts of money on something that is not really necessary for the business. They are highly creative and like to take charge to further their ideas. Cancer individuals are also highly intuitive and have a deep understanding of other’s emotions and motives and therefore can be very useful to the company he works for because he is able to understand exactly what is going on with incredible accuracy. He can be kind, but he is certainly not naive.

When it comes to working for someone, the crab enjoys a position where he is both useful and secure. Job security is very important and he will search far and wide for a career that he can maintain for a long period of time. In return, the Cancer sign is very dependable, punctual and willing to work long and hard. Cancer individuals are generally great with words (even though most do not enjoy public speaking), and are able to convey their thoughts and opinions professionally. As they work for a while at a job, they will expect a raise, but will work harder as a result to prove that giving him a raise is a good idea. Cancers are great with the big picture of the business and will strive to constantly improve it as long as they are shown appreciation and respect in return. The crab is a highly sensitive creature so harsh criticism (especially about their work ethic) is strongly advised against.

As coworkers, the crab is a very kind hearted individual and will be there if you need a shoulder to cry on. He lives to nurture and is generally kind to everyone he comes across (unless they give him reason not to be). Cancer the crab hates confrontation and therefore will try his best to get along with everyone; you can be sure that if conflict arises in the workplace, the crab did not start it. He also has the memory of an elephant and can be very useful remembering past events, deals or conversations which many other people have long forgotten. He is generally very serious as well and likes to get his job done. He does not come to work to socialize; he comes to get his work done.

If Cancer stars his own business, the most compatible partner is either a Taurus or a Virgo for they have the power to make Cancer’s ideas a reality and are responsible enough to stay on track. The best jobs for the crab are along the lines of anything in the medical/pharmaceutical field, nutritional field (including chef), or anything to do with real estate or farming. He will thrive anywhere he has a secure job and feels needed.